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Text Cut: Emmy and crew!
Originally Posted by DinosaursOnASpaceship View Post
Emmylou was so happy right now. She didn't want summer to end but she really missed Hogwarts. She had never felt like that while she was at Beauxbatons but that was now a long time ago. This is her third term here at it feels like she has been here since her first year. She had wished she was here forever because Hogwarts was so much better than the real world and it made her forget about her life back at home which as of right now was a good thing.

The fifth year Gryffindor walked along the compartments just looking for the right one. He had her stuffed animal panda in her hand, a small backpack full of candy and a pastel purple blanket the one that really soft and then has the silk on the bottom. Once the girl with long blonde hair found the perfect compartment with her and her friends she smiled and took a seat near the window, mostly saving the window seat for Kace.

Countless marathons of non-stop horror films? Sure. Zombies, psychos, bats, rats, and black kitty cats. Of course! Trains? NoNOnoNOnoNO. Merlin knows why Rorie's only fear was trains. All she knew was that they were the source of her reoccurring nightmares that have been happening since as long as she could remember.

The pink-haired, fourteen year-old walked through the middle cars shakily. Herman's cage was getting harder to hold on to the more sweaty her hands got. Her heart pounded in her ears as she struggled to find an empty compartment. WHY WERE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE?!!!

The train made a sudden jolt that sent Rorie screaming into the nearest compartment car in pure fear. Three girls were in there already. Ror could feel how vulnerable she looked and she absolutely detested it. Sucking in a deep breath through her nostrils, she shook her hair back, and straightened up her posture. "Sorry."
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