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Originally Posted by Imsosikk07 View Post
There was a moment of an awkward silence that Cordy actually cleared her throat a bit because she was not once for uncomfortable silences. She even shifted in her seat and places the book beside her and uncrossed her legs sitting up a bit placing her hand on the set and leaning forward a bit. She watched him look around for someone, this Timila that he knew. It was probably a family member of his."Uhm, are- are you ok...? Poor little fella...he's so lost. She thought again, but then also began to think of something else as well. There was something about him. Something that should be clicking in her head but it just wasn't clicking yet. She got up from her seat and she walked over to him. "I'll help you look for your twin sister. Trust me I know the feeling of getting lost on this train. Happens to a lot of first years. She said before stepping out and looks around and looks back at him. "Do you remember which way you're twin went exactly? Oh, I'm Cordelia by the way, but you can call me Cordy just so you don't feel like you aren't talking to a complete stranger you know?"

Cordy then went back in her car putting her book back in her little bag and setting it down where she sat and walked back over to him and tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear before she put her on hand on her hip and tried to think. "Maybe she went towards the front cars...?"
When the girl walked over to him, he freaked out a little because he didn't exactly know what she was about to do. His body tensed up but he waited to see what was going to happen. If she attacked him, he could just run away REALLY fast. Why didn't she just stay there where she was???

But then she said she was going to help him and he immediately start to calm down. Okay, so maybe Hogwarts kids were nice. But after Cordy had told him that some Slytherins were just plain mean to people for no reason, he had been freaking out about getting bullied. He was small, after all. Even Timmy was taller than him.

"Than-" He began to say but then she was telling him her name. Cordelia. And then CORDY. WUT. HOW?!?!?! His brain was moving too fast for him to take it all in.


His heart began beating fast again but only from excitement this time. She had no idea that he was the Ollie! Shaking his head fast, he beamed up at her and finally said, "CORDY. I'M OLLIE. I DON'T KNOW WHERE MY SISTER IS BUT I FOUND YOU. CORDY!"

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