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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
SPOILER!!: love you guys

Puck was nervous, she needed to give her friends HUGS before she went into what was most likely going to be the war zone. TO THE TRENCHES right? This was going to be one hell of a school year…she had her badge in her hand and was gulping slightly as she stuck her head into a compartment where Lux and Emmy just happened to be.

“H-h-hi” she gulped…sweating? No, she was not sweating she was just still wet from that shower she had taken before leaving for the trains. She grinned at Lux and Emmy and chewed on her lip.

“Guys, can I leave Philostrate with you guys?” She asked indicating to the barn owl in the cage, “he just…I don’t want to leave him with the luggage and I have to head to another compartment and learn stupid regulations and rules” she groaned and chewed her lip nervously…”be-because someone in this school thought I’d be a good prefect…” she fiddled with the badge in her hand for a minute with only wide eyed terror playing on her face.

Originally Posted by Saraie View Post
So here she was on the train. Being on the train actually made her more ready to go back than she had been in weeks. Over the summer especially after she found out she didn't get into to the art program she was ready to come back. But about a week ago she got in a mood where she would do anything to not go back.*

Here she was though on the train going back to Hogwarts. So she was going now to find her friends. She clutched her bag full of sketch pads and pencils. She hasn't touched a sketch pad all summer but she kept it close. She peered into one of the compartments. Bam first one and Emmy was in she pulled the door open. "Hey, Em. You picked out a good compartment." flopped down on the other side of Emmy. That window seat was for Kace she knew that.
Before Lux could really begin to feel awkward being alone with Emmy, a welcome distraction came in the form of Puck. HAAAAI, PUCK. YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!! Eagerly the redhead jumped to her feet and hugged her older friend. "Hello!" BEAM. "Of course your owl can stay here!" And waaait, what was this about being a Prefect?!


"Wow, congrats! You will do awesome, Puck." Lux knew it already and she was so happy for her friend as she sat back down. She couldn't wait to see who the other new Prefects were, and Bay's replacement had big shoes to fill.

Before she could dwell on that, someone else entered the compartment. CINNA!! But....she wasn't acknowledging her. Why not? Had she done something without realizing it? Confused, Lux had no idea what was going on and it was bad enough having Emmy unhappy with her.
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