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Originally Posted by Imsosikk07 View Post
"Empty car...empty car...come on where is a bloody-" Cordeila constantly mumbled trying to find someplace to sit with her things. Sure she liked to socialize but finding an empty space was something she liked as well. Finally stopping by one she walked in and set her things down before reaching into one of her bags and pulls out a book she had just recently gotten for her birthday from her father. Opening her book she sat back crossing her legs indian style and began to read twirling a piece of her blonde hair. She was still in shock that she had just turned 13 and was now a third year at Hogwarts. It felt like yesterday she was a first year getting on the train for the first time not knowing what to expect or what was going to happen, but now she had a better understanding and just couldn't wait to get back. She looked up from her book and smiled to herself before looking back down at her book and went back to reading.
Finally deciding on a direction to turn to go searching for Timmy, he headed from the corridor down to the middle cars. He had no recollection of them choosing a spot in the middle...or the front or back for that matter, but he figured he'd just look into each compartment and hope he saw her little blonde head waiting for him there.

After passing about five compartments, he finally found one with a blonde girl reading a book. Now, he knew what his twin sister looked like, obviously, but he was so desperate to find her that he figured asking if this girl was Timmy wouldn't hurt in helping eliminate prospects. Very slowly, Ollie opened the door and peeked his head in. He stood like that, with his head poked in, for about a minute or two, waiting to see if she'd look up, but when she didn't, he finally decided to try to speak. " y-you..." Talking to strangers was hard.

"...............Timila?" He figured if that person was her, magically, using her full name would get a rise out of her and that's how he'd know it was her. He crossed his fingers behind his back and waited for this girl to reply.
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