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SPOILER!!: Margo! <3
Originally Posted by Buggy-Boo View Post
This was the moment she had been waiting for all her life! She was stepping foot onto the actual Hogwarts express. She finally felt like she was an actual witch. Her mother had been worried that she wouldn't be accepted after what happened with her brother. But here she was!

Margo was looking for a compartment to sit in, to share with anyone. Adi said he might sit by her, but he was a Prefect as well, so you never know, plus what would a 5th year popular boy want to sit next a to a lonely 1st year for! But there was still hope, he was a nice boy after al! So with a smile and a constant bounce her in step she began looking in compartments to find one sit.

Social Badger on the way!


Adi headed towards the front of the train, glancing in at compartments as he moved along. They were slowly filling up but he waved to some familiar faces already there. "It's great to be back, isn't it, Gus?" Adi asked the toad perched on his left shoulder. Gus croaked.

"Hey, Margo!''
The words were out of Adi's mouth the moment he spotted the bouncy girl. He waved to her then slid the compartment door open. "Mind if I stick around for a while?''

SPOILER!!: Norah! <3
Originally Posted by Sararara View Post
Picking a compartment smack in the middle of the train, Norah sat down and pulled her legs up onto the seat to rest her chin on her knees. Life was too short to sit normally, okay? PLUS if she put her legs down they'd start BOUNCING all over the place 'cause of all the Hogwarts excitement 'n things, and they couldn't have that now that she was a third year. Third years were OLDish which meant SHE was oldish even if she didn't look it but her mum said the growth spurt would come so THERE.

Norah waited with all her matureness brought on by being the RIPE old age of thirteen for somebody to talk to, anybody really, 'cause PEOPLE, she needed 'em. And hugs. She also needed those. She reached into the pocket of her sweater--which her mum had FORCED on her-- and pulled out a chocolate frog, which was only an 'eensy bit squished and therefore totally acceptable 'cause chocolate, duh. Whether she wanted a sweater or not, she had to admit it was a very good way to smuggle chocolate frogs, which really was the most important thing if you thought about it. Well, besides somebody to share the chocolate with, but that would happen soon riiiight?

Another familiar face!

It was fellow Puffer Norah... sitting all by herself. Maybe she was waiting for her other friends to join her but that didn't stop Adi from poking his head into the compartment.

"Norah! Hey! How are you? Mind if Guster and I join you?" Surely she couldn't miss the toad on his shoulder.

SPOILER!!: Janelle! <3
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Janelle had said goodbye to her sister on the platform and entered the train. After she stowed her trunk.......things suddenly got real. She was alone. Well that was what she had wanted, wasn't it? All of a sudden, being grown up didn't look so appealing. Janelle wasn't one who liked to be alone, like her sister. She liked to be aound people......a lot. For some reason though, she was reluctant to enter an occupied compartment.

Spotting an empty one, Janelle went inside. Maybe she'd just take a few minutes to get herself together and then she could go seek out some company.....or not. It was a long ride, so no need to rush things just yet. Janelle plopped down on the seat next to the window and curled up. Once she was comfortable, she stared out the window. There were so many students on their way to Hogwarts and she knew a grand total of two of them. Well two was better than none, she guessed.

Adi said he would have helped Janelle out as much as he could. After saying goodbye to Jasmine and her at the Platform, he had sprinted off to find his friends so they could stash their trunks and find a compartment for themselves and he quite forgot to ask Janelle which part of the train she'd be sitting at.

Never mind that. Adi didn't mind looking for her; he got see some friends in the process. But he found the firstie soon. He gently tapped on the compartment door and waved to the lone occupant before opening it's door.

"Found you! Hey, Janelle!''
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