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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
His attention kept bouncing between the Candidates going up to give their speeches and the one holding a conversation with him now. It'd been his intention to listen to the words of the curious bloke just now until he was given his own question to mull over. Wasn't she on the ball? Gavin thought it over for a moment, trying to recall things he'd seen work and things that didn't before finally offering a response. "A people person; someone the majority know and love--someone who can gain their trust without having to try too hard. Of course this has to be balanced with integrity and having the people's best interest at heart. With so many people looking to you, you have to be sure you don't disappoint." There was a little more to it than that, but that was the basic of it.
A small smile appeared when Gavin spoke. "I can see why you're the Senior Undersecretary." The man really cared. "I agree with your view on this wholeheartedly." Without even blinking, she downed the butterbeer she'd brought over for him and then shook her head to focus. "I hoped being vague for now would get people to really think about who they want in office." Hopefully it would work in her favour, but she had to be clearer next time. People liked information. Becca wanted to ask if he had a favourite yet, but decided that would be inappropriate, so she didn't. She just glanced over in Roxanne's direction. Military boot camps? Could she guide the woman to Warren so he could laugh in her face?
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