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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
So she was a liar. Vivi shrugged and pursued her ball, albeit slowly. She wasn't in a hurry to finish this game, since it was pleasant and quiet and there was NO small talk. Perhaps she'd forced her hand to get Aspen out the door, but she wasn't going to force anything else. Vivi didn't feel like mingling on even a good day, and she didn't need Aspen to try to be anything.

So they were playing a game, and it was good enough for Vivi.

"Then let's say... when he asks, I would say yes. He's... I loathe myself, but I think I can't live without him. So I'm going to keep him."

"If it's an if, it's an if," Aspen shrugged. She didn't now if Max would ask or not. IF Vi was using IF she must not have known either. If was fine with her; Aspen was judging but not in a negative way.

She twitched a little, like Vi's words affected her. They did, but not in a way she could tell Vi. "Yeah," was all Aspen could say about it. Yeah. Keep him. "You could ask him if he doesn't ask you." Aspen was all about going for what you wanted, cutting down stereotypical sexists roles.
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