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Default Anyone....any department <3

Kyle made her way slowly and carefully over to the food Marquee and glanced around. The food all looked delicious really, the normally shy girl picked up a glass of the lavender draught and thanked the servers before taking a long sip. The sweet relaxing note of the drink was nice, calming, and well just what she needed.

It all looked delicious she noted as she made her way slowly through the line and picked up a plate. Picking up a little glass filled with chilled soup, and one of the goat cheese the little bruschettaís she tried to find someone anyone to talk to. After all, the ministry had just gone through one of its annual hiring sessions and well, maybe there were some nice new people for her to meet?

After all she would love to meet someone. As she continued along the marquee glancing around at the people near her she spotted them. Pastries and deserts. She didnít even bother putting them on her plat she just grabbed one of the crystallized lilac Petits Four sand placed it in her mouth and chewed and she did the same thing with one of the little Lemon Meringue flowers the flower melting as it hit her tongue. She probably looked like a slob right? She didnít care.

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