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Originally Posted by Edward Penguin View Post
Sounded like they were ready to do some house hunting...for her. He shook his head no. Nothing really. I suggest being close to the ministry, but beyond that, no. I've got one near Picadilly. I just like the hustle and bustle

He was happy that she got placed in the department she wanted. I am sure that she would have preferred a job more in line with her experience, but he knew that soon enough she'd move up. I'm glad we'll be closer together too. I'll be more than happy to leave the department and come spend time with you for lunches and such, if you're interested.
”Lunch together would be great,” she said with maybe a bit too much enthusiasm. “You know, if,” she said to counterbalance her excitement. “They can spare you down in secrecy-ville.” She gave him a big smile.
Originally Posted by isSeeker View Post
Amy walked into the garden party excitedly. She was ready to get to know her soon-to-be coworkers. She thought it would be a good idea to make friends with other ministry workers too.

Gripping her bag tightly, Amy looked around the event before heading for the food marquee. There were a couple of stations that got her attention, and the woman glanced around once more before taking a plate and surveying the food.
Krel was about to take a drink of her wine when she noticed someone walk by. “You can join us if you like,” she offered, moving Edward’s plate to the side. “We’re friendly, no wait,” she gave Edward a playful smile. “I can only vouch for myself. He,” she said pointing to Edward. “On I’m not so sure about.”
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