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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
"Aron will do just fine. Ashburry-Hawthorne is far too long to use out in the field, especially in a pinch." He could just imagine some new kid, maybe Tucker, stumbling over saying his full last name and getting whacked right between the eyes by a stray spell because his focus was lost.

Attention back towards the very same young man, Aron gave the boy a few firm pats on the shoulder. Really, the Hogwarts house comparisons did not mean much to him. Seren had gone over the details of each house with him a few time, but seeing as how he had not attended the school was hard to fully grasp. Still, not wanting to speak poorly of the kid's mother - incredibly unprofessional to do so in such a public setting anyway - he just grinned and nodded. "Good to know."

Slightly smug smile gracing his chiseled features, he nodded his head towards Tucker and Sophie as the blonde spoke. "Well, actually Jazz, these two right here are new to the department as well. Sophie is with a different division, but Tucker here is in the same division as yourself."
OH GOOD, Tucker wasn't going to have to say the man's name all the time! Perfect! He was sure he would mess it up at some point and embarrass himself, so Aron would be just fine with the newbie. "Sounds great Mr...uh, Aron, sorry," he chuckled. Old habits and all, addressing people by being all formal and whatnot. Plus he was all nervous and whatnot being a newbie, talking to his department head for the first time.

And he was talking about FIELD work. That was probably the one thing Tucker was SUPER EXCITED about! Actually doing THINGS in the REAL WORLD and using charms and stuff to solve problems! AHHH SO EXCITING! He couldn't stop smiling and he probably looked a bit loony, but who really cared, right? He was PASSIONATE. Passion was GOOD! "Speaking of being on the field, I'm very excited to get to work. I'm sure all the new employees tell you that, but I actually kind when things go wrong? So I'm excited to get my hands into the action," he told him, still grinning ear to ear.

He couldn't help it. He was just SO EXCITED!

Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
SPOILER!!: Aron!

Jasmine was smiling to her boss and she had to ask, "Oh Aron I am curious to what department you work in?" She was just curious is all. "What tips would you have for a newbie like myself?" she asked. I mean she wanted to know some things before entering her new field. She even grinned when she used the nickname she suggested to him. Aahh so Sophie she just introduced herself to was in a different division. That was cool to know. Maybe she could teach her some things about her department. Then she noticed Tucker.

Jasmine went to go introduce herself to Tucker. "Hi Tucker.." she held out her hand for him to shake. "I am Jasmine as you know from the conversation.." she chuckled and smiled. "I guess we will be working together in the same division. It is going to be good to see a familiar face." she told him honestly. "You excited to start?" she asked curiously. She wanted to try and get a conversation going.
There really was a small crowd of A&Cers forming here, eh? Tucker smiled at the pretty blonde and shook her hand in return. "Nice to meet you Jasmine! Or do you want me to call you Jazz too?" he asked. He didn't mean to hear her whole convo with Aron but...well, he was right here. It was hard NOT to hear...

"I'm SO excited. This is exactly the type of work I wanna get in to - it runs in the family, I guess. My mum just stepped down as Department Head on Level 6, but she always loved charms and stuff more than that," he explained in a hurry. He had already gathered that he was walking into...well, not a BAD reputation, but definitely a REPUTATION when it came to the Schultz name. He didn't want to talk about her too much, because you never knew what someone thought of her...some people dug the whole 'I will claw your eyes out with my manicured nails' attitude. Some didn't. At ALL.

"I'm going to be working in charms development. You?" he asked, knowing that not EVERYONE was going to be doing the same thing in their division.
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