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Originally Posted by Mad Eye Touz View Post
"That's a word for it," Aspen offered, along with a glance at Vi's dress. She was implying that Vi was clearly dressed for the occasion. Frilly. Girly. Garden-party-y. It hadn't escaped Aspen's notice that the two of them were distinctly contrasting in attire.

She gave her ball a little test hit. This wasn't Aspen's game. West would probably like it.

"We could stalk him and find out what he eats, how he eats, when he eats," if Vi wanted. That actually sounded like a good idea. It'd keep Aspen busy and busy was good.

Aspen reared back and whacked the living daylights out of her ball.
"Judgey-face is happening," Vivi pointed her mallet at Aspen with a fierce pout. She liked her pink dress, thanks, and Max had admired it before she left, and it was a party. Vivi twirled her mallet before knocking the second ball generally in the direction of Aspen's. Not as far, not as hard, but then Aspen had more to work out through violence at the moment.

"Stalk the Minister?" Vivi considered that as she summoned her ball back to her and hit it again. Do over, y'know. "I suppose if the two of us can get that close to him, this place as a huge breach in security. Is he even here yet?"
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