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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Bouncing blueberries she waved her arm around more violently than a Whomping Willow. He pursed his lips and bowed his head slightly before turning his attention far faaaaaaaar away from her.

Aron chuckled right along with Sophie, and even a bit more firmly with her inquiry. Had it not been clear that that had been a tone of sarcasm as well? Sure, there had been that unfortunate incident a few years back, but it hadn't been the food's fault exactly. "I eat from the Ministry's food court," he replied. Which should be a good enough answer. Suspicious of everything was a good trait to have for an A&C employee...but hopefully this one wasn't the sort to over stress about everything and active look for problems. Could drive a person mad.

"Aron will do just fine. Ashburry-Hawthorne is far too long to use out in the field, especially in a pinch." He could just imagine some new kid, maybe Tucker, stumbling over saying his full last name and getting whacked right between the eyes by a stray spell because his focus was lost.

Attention back towards the very same young man, Aron gave the boy a few firm pats on the shoulder. Really, the Hogwarts house comparisons did not mean much to him. Seren had gone over the details of each house with him a few time, but seeing as how he had not attended the school was hard to fully grasp. Still, not wanting to speak poorly of the kid's mother - incredibly unprofessional to do so in such a public setting anyway - he just grinned and nodded. "Good to know."

Slightly smug smile gracing his chiseled features, he nodded his head towards Tucker and Sophie as the blonde spoke. "Well, actually Jazz, these two right here are new to the department as well. Sophie is with a different division, but Tucker here is in the same division as yourself."

Jasmine was smiling to her boss and she had to ask, "Oh Aron I am curious to what department you work in?" She was just curious is all. "What tips would you have for a newbie like myself?" she asked. I mean she wanted to know some things before entering her new field. She even grinned when she used the nickname she suggested to him. Aahh so Sophie she just introduced herself to was in a different division. That was cool to know. Maybe she could teach her some things about her department. Then she noticed Tucker.

Jasmine went to go introduce herself to Tucker. "Hi Tucker.." she held out her hand for him to shake. "I am Jasmine as you know from the conversation.." she chuckled and smiled. "I guess we will be working together in the same division. It is going to be good to see a familiar face." she told him honestly. "You excited to start?" she asked curiously. She wanted to try and get a conversation going.
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