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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
She then saw someone staring at her. Giving her a LOOK. She couldn't tell if he was admiring her or what--but she gave him a VERY enthusiastic wave. Wasn't he a Department Head? The...Accidents' head? Riiiiiiight.
Bouncing blueberries she waved her arm around more violently than a Whomping Willow. He pursed his lips and bowed his head slightly before turning his attention far faaaaaaaar away from her.
SPOILER!!: Sophie & Tucker & Jasmine!
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Taking a plate Sophie grabbed a handful of skewers and put them on her plate. "Funny!" she giggled heartily at Aron's comment noting the sarcasm. "I'll take my chances then." Picking out a skewer she plucked it into her mouth and chewed on it experimentally. "It tastes good. Should I be careful with what I eat at the ministry?" She queried. Aron’s comment had raised a warning flag. If Sophie needed to bring her own food to work then she'd do it. The last thing she wanted to be was food poisoned. "Is it all right if I call you Aron or do you prefer boss, sir or even Mr Ashburry-Hawthorne?" It couldn’t hurt to know. All people in management positions Sophie had learned wanted you to address them differently.

Turning to Tucker who by appearance probably was at least 5 years her younger Sophie stuck out a hand for a shake smiling. "Pleasure to meet you Tucker; in what division on level 3 will you be working?" It’d be fun if she had already run into a close colleague in the lab.

Watching as Aron almost bumped into a newcomer (Cassie) with a camera Sophie’s interest was sparked. "Can you take both magical and muggle pictures with your camera?" She asked curiously. Her family had never been big photographers. They only took pictures at family gatherings and special occasions never to work functions.

Sophie was about to attack the rest of the skewers on her plate as another woman approached. Overhearing how the blond introduced herself to Aron, Sophie resolved that they'd be new colleagues. Munching down another skewer Sophie cleaned her hand and mouth on a napkin before she adressed the other woman. "Hello, did I hear right? Are you a new employee in Accidents and Catastrophes?" It was best to get it confirmed. With so many people milling about she could have heard wrong.

Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Tucker chuckled. "Oh, right, yeah, of course!" he said hurriedly. DUH of course he knew who he was. He had no idea how many new employees he had, though - could the man really keep all his new hires straight?

Speaking of new hires...OHMIGOSH. There were a bunch of them, all flocking to the department head and forming a decent sized crowd. Tucker couldn't help but smile - it was nice knowing he wasn't the only new employee on level 3. "I'm in Experimental Charms," he explained with a smile to the woman who had joined them. Sophie? Ok, good to know.

Oh, Mr. Department Head was talking again! "Of course! Tucker is perfect," he explained with a nod. He'd feel weird being called anything BUT that, honestly. Now that introductions were out of the way, he bit his lip nervously. He had to get something out of the way now, because otherwise...he'd feel like there was a huge elephant in the room until he got this off his chest.

"I just wanted to say thanks for giving me a chance, mum and all. I mean, she's amazing and all but I know she's rather, um...Slytherin?" he said, raising his eyebrow in confusion wondering if that was a good way to describe it. Yeah, he was pretty sure that was the best way to describe her. Slytherin. "I'm a Hufflepuff though, and I don't think I could be that devious if I tried," he assured him with a chuckle.

He knew he was serious though, right?
Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post

Jasmine nodded and felt kind of bad when she got his last name wrong. She wasn't gonna let her embarrassment show. As she shook his hand, she smiled politely and replied, "Thank you Aron.." Using his first name like he asked was a good thing? Right? Yup it was. "You can call me Jazz for short if it suits you." she told him incase he wanted to. You never know. "Thank you sir, I am excited to be aboard. I love working with charms and can't wait to start in my new field. May I ask who is working in my department?" she asked curiously. She wanted to know if one of her co workers will be at this party.

Aron chuckled right along with Sophie, and even a bit more firmly with her inquiry. Had it not been clear that that had been a tone of sarcasm as well? Sure, there had been that unfortunate incident a few years back, but it hadn't been the food's fault exactly. "I eat from the Ministry's food court," he replied. Which should be a good enough answer. Suspicious of everything was a good trait to have for an A&C employee...but hopefully this one wasn't the sort to over stress about everything and active look for problems. Could drive a person mad.

"Aron will do just fine. Ashburry-Hawthorne is far too long to use out in the field, especially in a pinch." He could just imagine some new kid, maybe Tucker, stumbling over saying his full last name and getting whacked right between the eyes by a stray spell because his focus was lost.

Attention back towards the very same young man, Aron gave the boy a few firm pats on the shoulder. Really, the Hogwarts house comparisons did not mean much to him. Seren had gone over the details of each house with him a few time, but seeing as how he had not attended the school was hard to fully grasp. Still, not wanting to speak poorly of the kid's mother - incredibly unprofessional to do so in such a public setting anyway - he just grinned and nodded. "Good to know."

Slightly smug smile gracing his chiseled features, he nodded his head towards Tucker and Sophie as the blonde spoke. "Well, actually Jazz, these two right here are new to the department as well. Sophie is with a different division, but Tucker here is in the same division as yourself."
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
"I'll have to look into that," she said. It might be good to have a local paper accept some of her work. She also had to speak with the papers she worked with most often and see if she would still be doing work for them even with her new job. She would need looser deadlines of course, and a trial period to see if everything would work out. At the moment, Cassie had no idea how the timing would work. She'd just have to wait and see. "I'd be happy to provide wherever I'm wanted. I'm sure my own work space will be filled with plenty of photos." That made her wonder just what kind of a work space she would be getting.

"Immigration Officer," Cassie answered. It seemed a little bit ironic to her. She was very new to the country, and she would be working to monitor others who were also new to the country. Was she supposed to monitor herself? Heh. She directed a curious look toward Aron. "If you don't ming my asking, what is it exactly that you do in Accidents and Catastrophes?" That was one department she hadn't had any experience in, or heard much about at all. So she was interested.
"I may look you up sometime then," he winked. Could always have more room for flora photographs. Although he did try to keep Level 3's decorations to a minimum. Maybe just the reception area could use one or two. He would check with Ursula about all that.

"Well, I am sure you can provide your own unique perspective to that position," he nodded. Her question was...a bit of a weighted one and one that he could go on for hours about. It was quite a multi-layered and intricate department. "Well, to put things simply, the department is responsible for repairing any and all accidental magical damage, particularly when magic goes astray in the presence of muggles. So, cleaning up messes caused by wizards while protecting the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy."

Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Ah and there was Aron...who was surrounded by people. All he got was a nod and sure enough he'd be able to figure why. To walk over to him, Gavin would need to inject himself in whatever conversation he was in the middle of and that was a lot of people to not offend so...he'd just stand here. ...
He caught the nod and returned one to Gavin as well. Poor bloke, these functions were always a sort of nightmare for him. And while he was looking over this way, he caught sight of Derek arriving. Speaking of people who were not so great in social situations.

"Sophie," he said, turning his attention towards the new employee. "That bloke over there, Derek, also works in your division."

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