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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
^^ Hahaha I have the Les Mis soundtrack in my car. Obviously it's not for working out, but it's weirdly good music for long trips by yourself?

I like Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine, Izzy. How can you NOT do dancey dancey jazz hands to that song? I also second the recommendation of Lose Yourself by Eminem, for working out.
On the Les Mis thing: I always joke that I'm gonna be that idiot speeding down the highway screaming the lyrics to One Day More hahaha. And you're right, it does work weirdly well when you have to go somewhere or do something by yourself. I think we just unlocked the secret to productivity

People are drawn to you because of your peaceful and nurturing persona. While
quite softspoken, you put the needs of others above your own needs and show
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