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Originally Posted by Ravaora Silverkin View Post
Wasn't this one a doll? Literally, such nice blonde hair and those cheek bones. Half plastic she was. Not safe for the environment at all--AND NOT SHARING. Why? That was the most important question as Ravaora walked over to the couch. If she had to guess, the young woman was a conspiracy theorist with the idea everyone in this room was infected and she was next. "You don't have to worry. I'm on YOUR side." The Healer whispered loudly, her hands cupped around her mouth and her tone slow as if the girl were either hard of hearing or hard of understanding. Had to get the message out.

"I'll need you to come with me. I can save you from the death chamber if you hurry." Otherwise Ravaora would dutifully turn out for the funeral. Once you met someone you couldn't just NOT attend, it was rude. [b]"Do you need a hand getting up?

Ah hah! Trick question! Bet she never saw that one coming.
Genevieve watched the Healer person approach, rising half out of her reclined position languidly when the woman was close enough to speak to her. Might as well be polite, even if she was in perfect physical condition. Healthy as an ox. Sound as... a brick wall, really. Very sound.

"I'm on your side," Genevieve agreed with a careful nod. Whatever side, she was on it. Anything not to get that big old needle that poor Vic had been forced to face. "But... I can hear just fine." Enunciated slowly back, in case the old dear was confused.

And since she was instructed to do so, she bounced to her feet and stretched like a cat. "Death chamber? Never been there. D'you suppose they serve tea?" She'd rather like a spot of tea if she was going to die soon.
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