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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

Ouch! She was slapping him! Ow! Hello! William's face registered surprise more than hurt at that slap. Mostly he was trying to figure out what memo she was on about. The last memo he had read referred to those mental health examinations.... and he wasn't even sure he was going to GO to his. He'd personally thought this was all a big scam set up by his archenemy Emily Browne certain department heads who wanted their employees to feel badly about themselves. Ahem.

But before he could really react to all that, the lady was sticking her hand INTO HER BLOUSE and he felt his face beginning to warm up again. AGAIN. AHHHH THE THING FROM HER BLOUSE was just a bag. Oh whew. Okay. No need to cover his eyes, then. But now why was she wearing a snake in her ears?! William had no idea what THAT was, and now he REALLY wished he had run away instead of sitting down.

Or choked. Maybe choking would have been the better plan.

"Aaaa-a--are you a Healer?" He stammered, craning his neck and leaning back as far as he could. "Mmy appointment isn't unt-t-t-til 4:30!" He had picked the latest time for a reason, see. She had better not touch him with that snake thing she was blowing on.
Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did anyone else see that?! The way her love taps had seemingly injured him!? He was in worse condition than she had initially thought. This went soooooooooooooo far beyond one brownie of death. His SEVERE malnutrition was alarming. She was going just going to have to entirely rework the menus in the cafeteria so they were up to standards. First things to go were those DEATH BROWNIES.

"I am indeedy. Loranys Lilyfield, but you can call me Lor or lover or Loranys," she giggled as she resisted giving him another gently pat. Could break one of his brittle bones and that would just be TERRIBLE. "Oh no no no, you need IMMEDIATE attention. You are clearly suffering from O.O.P.S, pruritusism, and zuccherotosis. In fact, an examination here just will NOT do." Which was a pity because now she couldn't use her toy to listen to the way his heart went pitter patter for her.

Removing her wand, she gave it a lavish whirl around and conjured a stretcher. "Now, don't you worry honey bun. We are going to fix you riiiiiiiiiight up. Ravaora is the BEST at what she does. I am going to write you up a meal plan I want you to follow to ensure you are meeting all your dietary needs. That should help take care of your severe case of zuccherotosis." She patted the floated stretcher with a grin and obnoxious giggle.

"Hop up haaaaaaaaaaaaaandsome." Or else she would have no other option but to use her magic to get him on there and tie him down. Poor stud didn't know how BAD his condition was.
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