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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Health evaluations.

Ha, what a ridiculous load of dragon dung, if you asked Alex. Seriously, if you asked her, it was just a way for the Ministry to be invaded. There was nothing wrong with any of them, except that they were all insane, but she was pretty sure that was in the fine print as requirement for employment.

Nonetheless they were mandatory and though she was still suspicious of the St Mungos healers and their true intentions for interrogating the Ministry employees, she did quite enjoy her job. So she showed up promptly at five minutes after her scheduled appointment time. So what if she was late? She had IMPORTANT work to do and this stupid health evaluation was not priority in the climate controller's mind.

Stepping up to the table to check in, she waited for someone to attend to her ...
Tancred was not exactly pleased that this random health evaluation had been sprung up on them all. What were they even being evaluated on? And why? He didn't feel ill nor did he think he was overly stressed. It wasn't like he was being chased by a hungry, hungry dragon at the Ministry. He was also in tiptop shape for his age, which was to be expected of a dragon commissioner and the husband of a Quidditch team healer.

Nonetheless, here he was a a few minutes before his scheduled appointment. While looking for a healer to assist him, the man found a woman standing near a table where he assumed they had to check in at. Tancred realized, as he walked over to the table, that he had seen her on his level before. He didn't recognize her from the group of Creatures employees, though. She had to have been one of those Environment people.

"So, what mumbo jumbo do you think they're evaluating us on?" he asked her. They might as well make small talk while they waited.

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