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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Nodding his head toward Jose, Anthony was about to do just that...when another Ministry worker entered the space. She looked familiar enough, probably from being around the food court, but the DH couldn't rightly recall her name or who her DH was. "Let me check with this woman, and if she doesn't have an immediate appointment, we'll get you hooked up." Hooked up? That was Bradley's influence...

...And if he seemed at all more chipper than usual, liquid courage was to be blamed.

"Miss? You come from which floor?" Anthony offered her an open smile.
Miss? Did she look twelve?

"Ms. Pennifold. Level four; Creatures," she responded, politely correcting him while helpfully answering his question. January glanced at her watch before glancing at Jose, who was on her level.

"I have an appointment in five minutes." Because she had set one up. Had he not?

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