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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

Willy had truthfully never been more embarrassed in his life. IN HIS LIFE. He was wallowing in shame right now, his face and neck and ears all redder than a beet. Well, part of that was due to the choking and loss of oxygen to his head. BUT MOSTLY, he was wallowing in embarrassment because the crazy lady.... had saved his life.

"PPPFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPppppp!" out went the brownie like it was nothing.

But hallelujah, he was saved! Hallelujah, he was not going to die in the scrawny creepily tight arms of this crazy woman. HALLELUJAH!

"I'm........" he inhaled deeply, deeeeeeeeeply, and realized he had squashed the other brownie that was in his hand. Oh. Oh well, he definitely didn't want a brownie after all of THAT. "I'm fineeeeeeeeee!"

He was a little wheezy and definitely breathless, but HE WAS ALIVE. And... the lady was still holding on to him...... why? William tried to wipe the brownie off on her a little bit, with an apologetic nod of his head. Um. "Thank you?"

As in, you can let go now?
Hugging Saving the man's life with one last movement, she beamed at the man with yet another toothy, but lipstick smeared, grin. He was SO lucky that she had been here. She had known since this morning that she would help save a life today, her jar of dirt meditation had told her so, but she was just over the mooncalf that it had been this hunk.

Maybe just ooooooooooooone more cheek rub against his back. OOOH! He smelled nice too. Like warm raw almond butter cups.

Now THAT was an acceptable dessert. Not this sugar infested oil soaked STUFF they were serving here. Probably not a vegan item in the place. HORRENDOUS!

"We need to get you cleaned up AND perform a physical examination to be entirely sure," she said in a shrill sing-song voice while linking arms with him. She gave his arm a tight squeezes with her hand...and accidentally had her false finger nails pinch his skin.

They were just SUCH a CUTE couple it was hard not to squeeze him to bits!

"This is TOTALLY why you shouldn't be eating things like THAT. They are a hazard to your health," she scolded, he head resting on his shoulder. "I have JUST the thing for you. If you just take a seat right over there and I can give you a quick check up and nurse you entirely back to health."
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