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SPOILER!!: D-rek
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Still slightly disturbed by the odd encounter with the strange Department Head in her weird office, Derek followed Amber to the Creature Holding Room. All the loud noises left him momentarily befuddled, but he blinked a few times and looked around trying to spot the creatures he was there for.

It wasn't until blue-haired girl mentioned Chizpurfles that Derek turned to look at her. "W-what? No, not the Chizpurfles." Did she know what Chizpurfles were? "We got rid of them all already." No more infestation, miss, thank you very much. "It's the uh... mutants. There were out about two years ago... um... they used to be normal creatures before being tested in a cosmetic lab. The yused to be clabberts, nifflers, murtlaps..." ...Why was he giving her so much information?? "Um, anyway... do you know where those are?" He remembered some of them being labeled Mutant X and Y so he started looking around the room for those ones first.

When odd girl asked him what he was going to do to them, wondering if he'd hurt them too badly, the lab technician couldn't help but stop searching the cages for a second. "I just need their drool..." He said with a sigh. See, he wasn't going to hurt them at all. Only if they decided to blow up his lab again. Then he couldn't be held responsible for his actions. Them mutants had better stay in there where they would be safe. "I'm uh... the lab technician for Accidents and Catastrophes. I work with Potions." He said, kind of trying to sound as casual as he could. Which wasn't very casual at all.

Why was he speaking so much that day, for Merlin's sake!!? Alright, he needed those samples right now so he could go hide in his lab again.

OOOH. Oooooops. Ember blushed. Welp. She had no idea! She had just started a few months back! "Oh. Right. Duh. Sorry--" she said quickly, sighing as she pointed at the cages with the 'mutants' apparently...there were definitely a few nifflers in there, yep. "Of course. They caused lots of mayhem...apparently..." yeah...She was forever making a fool of herself in front of Derek. And it wasn't like her made her nervous or anything--she supposed she just ran her mouth more so with Derek to make up for his lack of speech. That had to be it!

"And also, that's horrible, and I hope those people are behind bars..." or something. She had never been arrested before. Her face had taken a dark turn, though, and her eyes were all...narrowed and angry-looking. The former Hufflepuff...definitely wasn't always nice, and especially to those who mistreated animals...ESPECIALLY.

Ooooh drool, okay. She nodded. Right. "THats nothing horrible..." she said with a shrug and led him towards the mutant cages. "I was...decent at potions..did you go to Hogwarts?" she asked, tilting her head curiously. "I will have to visit you some time and see you in action! Because I'm very curious--wow--Derek! You must be really smart!" her face was shining in awe because in her opinion, if he could be a LAB TECHNICIAN he had to be A GENIUS. Hehe.
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