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Originally Posted by WeasleyGirl View Post
Brandon was getting some coffee (as usual) and heading to his work area. He had heard that there was going to be a junior unspeakable program and to him this was perfect. He was ready to see the Hogwarts graduates coming into the department; it was just like in the muggle hospital, where he had to teach the med students. Nice.

He entered the room and greeted everyone. "Morning" said with a nod. Brandon placed his mug on the table and sat down, "So, how is the junior program going?" and took a sip of his coffee.

He was a bit excited.
Emma was trying to read both Ashby and Edward's facial expressions so that she'd figure out what they thought about her idea. Hmmm... Reading body language proved harder than she imagined so she just sat there for a couple of seconds thinking about the program.

Then someone greeted them. Oh hey! It was Brandon. A familiar-ish face. She remembered him from her time in Mysteries before she took a leave of absence. "Morning. Slowly. We're just figuring out what we want to be taught in the rooms. How are you?" she asked, giving him a friendly smile.

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