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Emma nodded in response and took a seat with Ashby and Edward. "I couldn't agree more with you, Edward," she said in agreement with Edward about having someone start of studying love. So what could students learn in the Ever-Locked room? She wondered about that when a totally unrelated idea flew into her head about how it could be wise to place recent graduates in areas where they already have enough knowledge about? For example, the Space Room could work quite well. Many of the students have mostly likely taken Astronomy so it could be a good place to start perhaps?

The blonde was getting side-tracked. Focus Emma. Now onto what the students could learn in the Ever-locked room. Hmmm.. She wracked her brains. "Love is a hard emotion to understand because it can take on so many different forms. It'll be hard to explain but perhaps using visual references we can show them the various forms of love: the love that you have for a signficant person, family, an activity, and so on."

Now how could they get the junior unspeakables exactly INVOLVED in the whole program in the Ever Locked Room. Emma supposed that they could start off with the Love Specialists. "However, I do think that we ought to have the juniour unspeakables start with the Love Specialists in the Ever-Locked Room before moving onto the Potioneers and Charmists. I think the juniours ought to have a strong understanding of the emotion itself. As for what they could do with the Love Specialists, they could shadow us for the first couple of days as we show them how to research and collect data about the emotion. Then we could let them have a hand at collecting data with us carefully observing," she said. It seemed a helpful way to get the young involved while playing it safe. They had to take baby steps with all of this, right? "What do you both think about that idea?"
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