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Text Cut: Louisa and Paulie!
Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Eyebrow quirk.

Louisa was surprised Alice and Paulie seemed to be... close? she didn't realize they even knew each other. But then again, she was technically away for four years. Lots could happen in four years. "You had cute cheek baby fat, don't get offended." Gryffindors.

"Fourteen isn't that far away." She rolled her eyes and averted her gaze momentarily to that sizziling hot Quidditch playah (Zoe's Colin). Oooh la laaaaa, she'd like HIM to autograph her, please, mhmmmmmm, look at that mature look.

...hmm? oh yeah, Alice was not bad to look at, either. hehe. "So, big girl Fischer, I'm sad to tell you that I'm not a Quidditch fan. I'm here to ask about Ellie and Max. Have you seen them?" SMIRK.
Originally Posted by Cedric View Post


"IIIIII'll be your security," Paulie answered with a big, ol' wink. But now she was saying something about shutting up so she could sign..... she could sign.........?


Paulie was being cast aside, jilted, KICKED TO THE CURB so Alice could focus her attention on some CHILD. "Sign my what?" He asked, giving her a jumpercable on her one side to regain her attention. "Can I have anywhere signed?" Hmmmm? Alice ought to oblige her most avid fans.

And oh look. THERE was Louisa. Finally. Huh? Baby fat? He hadn't been paying attention to that part of their conversation, but he'd heard his name mentioned. "You an Alice Fischer fan, Helen?"

"I had no baby fat whatsoever." Psh. Psh. Her cheeks were fatless, thank you very much.

... but no, really, did she have chipmunk cheeks? Or did they look hollow? Was something wrong with them? Alice patted at her face subconsciously.

Fourteen definitely felt like far away, that was for sure. "I'm afraid I haven't seen either. But who'd need them when you've got ME? I'll even throw in a free hug for ya." Clearly, that was a joke, because she did not give out hugs. But she'd sign her face if Louisa wanted!

And speaking of signing.... she WOULD have autographed random paulie parts if he handed been jabbing her in the sides. Merlin. Did he know she was ticklish? Letting out a quiet stream of giggles before she could stop herself, Alice gave the guy a scowl. "Not anymore, you can't."

And pfft. Was she an Alice Fischer fan? "Everyone is an Alice Fischer fan." Truth.

Text Cut: Melanie!
Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post
Alice was right. What was Melanie going to do with a mold of her teeth anyways? She wasn't a muggle dentist. And even if she were to sell it to some quidditch fanatics it wouldn't be as easy as selling it online and no one in the muggle world knew what quidditch was. "Be sure to take care of those teeth. I don't want to see you in a few years because you bit a tough skinned person and lost a few," Melanie said seriously. Silver teeth was not attractive.

She looked at the quaffle and smiled. "Look at you, all official and the whatnot with your very own autograph. I'm so proud." Was she tearing up a little? Maybe but she wasn't going to admit it. It's been such a long time since she'd seen the little biter.

"We both know if I wanted to find a worse picture, I could," Melanie said with a grin, wiping away any tears she may have in her eyes. Crying was inappropriate. "I have pictures of you snuggling up next to Piggit if you wanna sign that next time." Because she had those. And Piggit was adorable.

Now... "Am I ever going to get a hug from my favorite quidditch player ever? Or do I have to keep waiting here?"

"Me? Lose teeth?" No, really. Was she crazy? Worriedly raising a hand to her jaw, Alice gave her a look. "They're all there, aren't they?"

Freaking her out for no reason was NOT cool. First Louisa, now Melanie. Merlin.

But her autograph was something to be proud of, and the eighteen year old found herself effectively distracted by it. "I practiced it for ages." She had, truly. The amount of parchment she wasted while doing it drove her grandmother nuts, too, but never mind that.

A good enough friend to ignore the watery eyes because no one liked it when their tears were pointed out (and also a little bit because Alice sucked at that 'there, there' stuff), she went back to frowning at the poster. "Couldn't you have used a REAL one?" Alice didn't find any photographs of hers particularly attractive, even the professional ones, but at least they'd be a little bit better than this. "And Piggit is private." Very private. Shh.

"A hug?" Paaaause. Alice sighed, pretending to be dragging about it when it was actually appreciated. Yes please. "Don't squeeze my guts out."

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
And was that THE Alice Fischer over there? Ella smiled and when she thought her Hulk was looking, she waaaaaved. HI HULK! HI!
Why, yes it WAS. In the flesh. Alice waaaved back, grinning at Ella and tossing in a wink for her boyfriend, too. Were they gonna come over here sometime or? 'Cause Alec's table was WAY too far away and had an absurd amount of fangirls surrounding it. All male team. Psh.

No way she was getting into that mob.

Text Cut: Olivia! And... Kat? Sorta? Idk, man.
Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Marilyn just knew she was going to have a time with her child today. Just. Knew. It.

For one, there were a bunch of people crowding this venue. It was like openly inviting Miss Liv to play mass Hide and Seek. Precautions had been taken, of course, in the event she got ideas. And Merlin knew, she would.

...buuuuuut given that she didn't allow Olivia to fly (or go near brooms), her being a proper fan was hardly dangerous. Especially since her uncle and father played...and would be signing autographs today. They were almost required to make an appearance. She wanted to have words with her brother, anyway.

Entering the gigantic tent, the blond immediately clasped a hand on her daughter's shoulder. Not. So. Fast.

"Where did you want to start?"


She obviously wanted to start at the Magpies table...because Alice Fischer played for them. She needed to MEET Alice Fischer before she did anything else today. Olivia had told her mum a zillion times already this morning. Especially over pancakes, because she always bothered her mum about things over breakfast. Obviously, she wanted to see her daddy and Uncle Ash, too...but she also seen them allllll times.

"Alice, mum. Pleeeeease."

UGH....She wished Chloe was here with her. SHE'D UNDERSTAND...Alice was a princess. SHE WAS.

Oh...OOOOOH...and they were walking in that direction. EEEEEEEP. AND THEY WERE IN LINE. Couldn't they go any faaaaaster?!?!?!?

Olivia was practically bouncing in place, awaiting her turn...not at all patient. EEEEEEEP.

Originally Posted by Saraie View Post
Why did they go to the park before coming here? She hated to break it to her mom but she still had a lot of energy left. Mom would see. There were so many people here now. Now they would have to stand in long lines and be bored. While everyone else got famous quidditch players autographs.

She wanted Alice Fischers autograph because she was pretty even when she was playing. She also wanted Selina Skylers because she was a beast or that's what she heard someone say. And Ellie Stone the bestest seeker ever. And of course Carter!!! And uncle Asher.

Why was mum dragging her away from the players. "Mummmmm the players are that way." That way, she wiggled her hand out of her moms hand and was planning a mad dash back to the players tables. But a flash of familiar blonde hair caught her eyes. "Livy!" It was Livy. She ran to her cousin holding out her arms and hugged her when she got to her. Giggle.

And then there were... children.

For the love of garden gnomes, someone please tell her that the little girl there was here for Alexis. Colin? Even Brody, 'cause who didn't wanna play with a little boy as cute as he was? But... her? How were you supposed to handle... kids? Coaches needed to write manuals on this stuff.

ANOTHER tiny female ran up to greet the first, and Alice mentally cringed.

At least they hadn't spoken to her yet. So she just stared at her quill, trying to look busy and hoped another Magpie would come to her rescue. Thanks.
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