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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Iwin smirked. She was younger than he was, he thought, and she was married! It didn't weird him out or anything, just...well, he felt like he needed to get a move on now! Ugh. His parents wanted grandchildren...and all that fun stuff...his father wanted an heir for him...

But Iwin just wanted to enjoy his time and meet someone in the NORMAL way, y'know? He sighed at the thought and ruffled his hair some more. It was probably all weird and puffy now, but pffft. He didn't care. "Ah, she will love it. And I'll be her favorite cousin for a little while.." it didn't much with Ed, though. She was nice. Generally more friendly than he was, though he was being very good today, yep.

He eyed the little wasp and thought it was so cute! He laughed. "Yes! I want one--or two--or whatever you want to draw--I'm not just saying, that, either, I just...I like Quidditch. I want EVERYONE'S autograph!" he said, sounding a looooottttt excited! Hehe.
"I know alllllll about being the favourite cousin. Mine love me much more now I went pro." And now that she made sure they each got tickets to games at least once a year. For most of them, that was the only time she actually saw them, and even still...she'd once hit a bludger so hart it actually smacked into a cousins arm and broke it. (And it had been wonderful, because she'd gotten married first and that was rude of her) "So how old is your cousin?" Was she one of the baby kids? Would she want a plastic bat? She really needed to stop wanting to plug these all the time. Plastic bats with her name on.

Well, her father's. Barnard. Their surname. Thing. Maybe. Deeeeetails.

"What's your name, chickpea?" Who was she making this second one out to? She left a space for his name and wrote a super happy message for him telling him she would one day be his favourite player, and drew three wasps and a couple of hearts. Because he was going to love the Wasps - geddit?

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
That wasp thing was giving Camden the stink eye, and he pulled some not-very-polite faces in response. We're not threatening your claim on the pretty Quidditch players, mate. We're just talking here. Just. Talking.

Buzz off. He should tell the bloke to buzz off. It was possibly the only time EVER that it would be both literal and punny to say so.

But his attention was drawn back to Montague, who was willing to flirt a bit. That was always appreciated. Not everyone was a sport about these things. "Camden, actually. It's 'Camden-not-Montague', but my mates just call me Camden." He smiled a bit, only half smirk 'cause she didn't look like the type who appreciated smirkers.

What could she do for him? Run away with him? Fly off into the sunset on the back of her very high priced professional Quidditch broom. Which, honestly, he'd rather have, because hello, resale value. "I thought I might ask you to sign my face, but it's the only face I've got, you see? What else d'you have?" Like what else was there for her to sign, since he'd obviously only come in with a bratty little sister. And no one wanted to sign HER.
Totally ignoring any sort of exchange with Sting and Camden-not-Montague, Kai rested her elbow on the table and her chin in her hand, only to smile. Well, he was a hoot! She'd have laughed right then, but she was exceptionally conscious of the fact she snorted when she was genuinely amused - like right now. But she wasn't his 'mate', and so she'd call him by his "full name". "Well then, Camden-not-Montague, if it's only one face you have.. I'll have to sign your arm or leg. I also sign shoes." Because he clearly hadn't brought something with him. However, she would have been perfectly fine with signing his face. With something permanent, too. That way he'd never forget his Kaia experience. (xoxoxoxo)

"You could always have a plastic bat that I was saving for the kiddies. I'll sign one of those for you if you promise to write me some awesome fan mail." Okay, so she wouldn't even be checking or expecting fan mail, but if she could convince someone to send her some? Hell yea, she was gonna try. Attention was nice. It wasn't like Chandler read her stuff anyway. She read most of it in the locker room or when she was at the park with the kids.

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