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OKAY. So. Ember was LEADING Derek here, to get him his mutant stuff. She was actually quiiiiite interested to see the poor little guys, too, and make sure everything was okay with them. Hehe. She beckoned Derek forward with her before entering the room, brushing her hair from her face.

She glanced around. Cages lined the walls. She didn't like the cages, but sometimes they were needd, right? At least she would tell herself that, hmm? "Umm--you do want the Chizpurfles, right?" she asked softly, looking around for the little guys..who had caused so much trouble, apparently. "What will you be doing to them, then? Hmm? Not hurting them TOO badly, right?" He just needed samples. But samples of what? She dind't know. "Derek, what exactly do you DO?" she asked. She knew she was doing all the talking and stuff, and that he might not answer her every question, but oh well!
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