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Default Technology Lounge
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Level One’s Technology Lounge is normally the perfect place to take a break from the stress of your daily routine and have lunch or meet with coworkers for a chat. The dim lights and comfortable accommodations encourage you to sit back, snack, and take a ride on the relax-taxi. Perhaps this is why the Healers have deemed it one of the appropriate places for the Ministry-wide mental health evaluations. The lounge has been taken hostage and although the location is the same, the Healers have transformed the place to fit their needs. No, your eyes definitely do not deceive you. This particular Ministry haunt is now more reminiscent of a St. Mungo’s ward than a place to de-stress.

As you round the corner and approach the check in table, you’ll note the enormous appointment book taking center stage. No doubt filled with the countless names of the Ministry’s many employees. How will they fit everyone in, you ask? The Healers might be wondering that too. Simply give your name and try to take a chill pill while you’re checked in. It won’t take but a minute…or two. You’ve got nothing else to do with your time, right? It’s not like you’re at work or anything.

After your appointment has been confirmed, the healer will lead you to a makeshift evaluation room. The door is shut behind you and the walls are sound proof as privacy is of the utmost importance. You’re meant to be an open book in here. The place is small and the cream colored cinderblock-looking walls are bare, giving the space an uncomfortable hospital feel. The main point of interest is the oversized clock on the wall, its ticking providing a rather annoying soundtrack to your evaluation. You should have no problem ignoring that, right?

As your eyes fall on a rather worn looking sofa, probably borrowed from one of the many break rooms in the building, you might think to yourself that a desk full of paperwork would be much more preferable than this little requirement. Don’t worry, this will all be over soon. Just sit down and try and make yourself comfortable as the examiner seated across from you begins the exam.

SPOILER!!: Previously...
There are all sorts of funky little Muggle machines and doodads tucked into the lounge, including a cappuccino machine, a microwave, and a vending machine that stays magically refilled. The vending machine, along with the rundown jukebox in the corner, only take Muggle coins, so you best bring a supply if you want a snack or a song.

The chairs in this lounge are rather comfortable and cushy, probably to make up for the frustrating nature of the appliances. The lights are dim and the jukebox often provides random and ancient songs free of charge. It's quite a nice place to spend your breaks, really.
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