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Originally Posted by MissMUDBL00D View Post

Heeeey. That was uncalled for. He was very much aware of this issue, thank you Kevin. He scowled at the kid, when was he going to stop talking? Donny didn't like his talking. "I know more than you do." Donny said impatiently. If Kevin knew everything so well why wasn't he just doing this by himself, hmm? Abbi had less of an attitude than this mini Gryffindor here. "So if you want help you need to stop it with your ATTITUDE." There. He said it. He frowned at Kevin to make sure he would listen. That's what his parents usually did when bossing him around.

Donnacha rolled his eyes, Kevin was really wasting his time heeeere. That dramatic sigh wasn't doing him any favours either. "So... waiting." No more nice Donny. Nope. Donny Danger. He grinned at that name, Donny Danger. He would have to write it down as soon as he got back to the common room, in case his superhero powers were ever needed.

Snort. Kevin was fighting professor Flamsteed? He definitely had to see this. He smiled at the thought of Kevin embarrassing himself in front of everyone. and maybe felt a little bad about it too Weird! Where did Kevin live? Boringville??? At least Flamsteed wasn't boring, Donny thought he was actually pretty cool. Nice suits too. But that was all besides the point, Donny couldn't possibly help Kevin beat Flamsteed, the dude was like a bazillion times more experienced. The second year was going down. "You should go pick some.. some four-leaf clover and hope he doesn't blast your nose off, I think." Donny said calmly. That might not be true though, professors probably weren't allowed to deform students. He eyed Kevin suspiciously, not sure if he believed the "just knocking on his door" thing.. and.. who on earth got themselves into a duel without knowing how to duel?! Donny could see why he wasn't in Ravenclaw. "You should've thoooought before you said stuffs." Not that Donny always thought things through, but this was really dumb.
Donny yawned when Kevin turned to face the dummy, he didn't think that petrificus totalus would work on a dummy, but who knew? He didn't want to be the backup dummy.

That wasn't how you pronounced it! Donny panicked, WHATWASHESUPPOSEDTODO?! Combat was no fun, why did people do this??? Before the Hufflepuff could come up with an appropriate response the spell hat bounced of the ceiling and hit him on the head. Ow. Donny froze for a moment. His wand fell out of his hand and he fell back on the floor with a thud. "REALLY KEVIN?!" Donny shouted and attempted to tilt his head. When that didn't work he just huffed loudly. "You're the loooowest."
Another few seconds passed and Donny could feel his arms and legs twitch a bit. Kevin was going to be in soooo much trouble if Donny ended up limbless. But instead of falling off, he regained control of his arms and legs. Hah! He quickly grabbed his wand and aimed it at Kevin before getting up again. Donny glared at the Gryffindor and tried to think of any useful spells he could use on the kid, but none came to mind. He had to do something! Looking like a fool in front of Kevin was not an option, so Donnacha huffed and cast the only spell that had come to mind. "Rictumsempra!" Who knew, maybe the Gryffindor was ticklish.

Attitude? Kevin frowned at the guy. "I don't have an attitude, YOU have an attitude!" Alright maybe he DID know he had an attitude but he didn't like people saying he had an attitude just because he HAD an attitude. Following it all? "Why can't you pronounce the X anyways? Is it an accent thing or something?" Just a harmless question. He could be harmless!

Kevin shrugged his shoulders. Whatever. If he didn't want to help him out he would just figure how to duel by himself. But at the same time, Donny WAS right. He probably DID know more than he did and he could use the knowledge right now.

When Donny told him that the Professor was most likely to blast his nose off, the Gryffindor felt his nose out of habit. "But i like my nose!" He whined. He wouldn't actually do that right? But judging from what he knew about the man he found him highly unpredictable. A true Gryffindor hehe. "I didn't say stuff! HE attacked ME really think i let someone off when they attack me?" no way, the Gryffindor would go down fighting. Or was he talking about something else? Whatever it was, it annoyed him.

The flash of light HAD been a total accident and as he watched it fall down and hit Donny on the top of the head he wondered what would happen. He cocked his head to the side and when he fell down the Lion laughed. "You should have seen your face!" he laughed more as he realised that Donny couldn't lift his head. Oh? he was the lowest? Kevin folded his arms and frowned down at him. "It was an accident!" he said as he saw that Donny could move again. "Plus, you aren't really hurt ri----"

The spell hit him full in the chest and he fell down as well but instead of feeling any pain , Kevin began to LAUGH.

He laughed so hard that he began to spasm on the floor, trying to stop whatever was tickling him. "HAHAHA HA...STOP...HAHAHAHA!" This wasn't funny AT ALL! He searched for his wand but he realised he had dropped it during the attack. "Who's the..hahaha...lowest...ha okay!" After a few moments, Kevin realised that he wasn't laughing anymore and knew that the spell had stopped. He breathed heavily like he had just ran a marathon but instead of getting up and grab his wand, the Gryffindor reached out with his leg and tried to give him a kick.
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