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space oddity

You know what class was boring? Care of Magical Creatures. Biggest snorfest EVER and the first year couldn't understand why everyone else seemed to be getting excited over these furry things. He needed to do something to entertain himself. Something to leave a tangy taste in his brain instead of an anchovy one.

Staring off past the professor, Airey imagined himself somewhere else. Somewhere up, up, up and away from everyone else. Embraced by the alienation of outer space, he flew towards the Moon and reached out to pluck a star...

"Question, Mr. Flamsteed?"


"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh....can I use the loo?"


red, red desert, heal our blues; I dive deeper for you..............
what a blessing to feel your love; twilight promised me you.........
all these moments with you...
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