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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Why was he loooking at her like that?!? She didn't use profanity or forget to wipe her heels at the door, did she?? Oh actually, she did forget to wipe her heels. Glancing behind her, she frowned at the small dots of muck she had left in her footprints. Oopsss... casually and inconspicuously in case there were muggles around she charmed the floor clean behind her and then turned her attention back at the guy who addressed her.

Well he didn't even LOOK.

"Hmm... no wits..." Alex let out a long, thoughtful sigh, as she felt a low grumble in her stomach. "So... is there any decent restaurants around here then?" She glanced around at the building. "Places that .. aren't falling apart..."
At least she was kind enough to clean her own mess.

...did she need medical -

Oh. Haha. Funny.


Joćo figured looking at her hardly wouldn't make things any better, so he relieved his facial muscles and tried to look at her in a more friendly way.

"Yes, there is one at five minutes' walk distance. If you allow me, I'd like to buy it." Because she had to get out of the building, and he wanted to see she was witful before he let her out to the wild world.

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