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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Whittaker street. It sounded a lot like Wit taker. Taker of people's wits. Was it too late to turn back now? Because she didn't want her wits taken by some random underpaid Londoners.

She was on a mission though ... a mission to ... actually she had NO idea what her mission was. OH NO!!! HER WITS! They've already been possessed and overthrown!!! WHAT WAS HAPPENING?!?

Wandering into the next building she came to, Alex stared around looking dumbfounded. "Excuseeeeeeee meeeee.......!! Has anyone seen my wits? I seem to have misplaced them." Really. This was an emergency. She'd never felt so lost as she did without them.

It wasn't easy AT ALL to be working here, y'know, and when people YELLED like that?

Joćo turned his head drastically at the new comer (and OWWW his neck hurrrrt!) and EYED her disapprovingly. Then he got up and walked towards her. He was calm. He had to be calm. He was calm. Really. Whoever this was, would be OUT soon.

"We haven't seen your wits, sorry."

Now get out.

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