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Welcome back Jamie! Athena couldnt help but grin at him as he blinked and came back to it all. They needed go al be all there seeing as how they were Ghost!Huntinh and they needed all the eyes they could use... and ears plus one of them could go missing or something.

She was just about to bring up the fact that they should stick together when Brad.... dumb Brad brought up splitting up...."Split up?!" that wasnt the smartest idea in her opinion especially when one would be alone. "what if something were to happen? I cant save both of you if we're apart." yes, yes she did just go there, it was obvious to her shed be doing the protecting..... of both of them.... she just claimed that role. Jamie would probably jump into her arms and Brad might coward in the corner and Athena..... would have such nice glorious black mail stories.... oh yes...

There was mental cackling happening as she tucked a stay piece of hair behind her ear and underher glasses. "But if we have to split up, which im against completely by the way, i dont care who i go with." either way would be great stories.

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