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Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
Joćo was glad she would ask him a question. Questions couldn't--shouldn't--puzzle him so much. So, still looking at her in a neutral expression, he listened to it.


"Except the building itself, yes," don't even get him started on that, "I haven't observed any problems." But like, he'd be very grateful if she saved them from this... place.

Uh huhhhh...

The building itself was out of her control, she hadn't chosen it, so as far as that was concerned it was their problem, not hers. It was a shame they didn't set up in the Underground too. It was far less likely to cave on ones self and it would make morning routines far more pleasant. But oh well...

"Nothing? No?" ... how sad, and so very good at the same time. "Well thank you, my colleagues and I will continue to monitor the place, but if you see anything, don't hesitate to say something."

So... that was all, he could be dismissed or whatever now.. though, actually, he could still prove to be more useful. "And last question, would you mind showing me to Mr. Isaacs office please?" she asked, content with moving on to her lunch break now, and enforcing a break on Gavin.
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