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Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
But she hadn't been interrupting.

Did he have to answer, really?

He paused only briefly. What had been the exact question? Pick? Collect?

"I assume you would like to speak about the security." Since she said--

Was she Aspen's boss?

"I'm sorry I haven't been much communicative," he said with a polite smile at last. He had to help her. He didn't know how or why, but he figured it would be suitable for Aspen too.

Now, for her to confirm she was here to speak about security.

And so the man still had a voice. Emily nod her head at his assumption, seeing as it was a correct one. It was something she could easily pick Gavin's head about, but she doubted he'd be entirely open and honest given the circumstances.

"Yes," she started, confirming his assumption in case her nod hadn't done the trick. As for the not being communicative bit, ehh, it could be overlooked.

"Simple question," Emily mused, "with the exception of the... decrepit nature of your location, is there anything which concerns you in regard to security? Noticed anything suspicious?" The man would be more familiar with the place than she was, so therefore his opinion on the matter was valid, and she would still pick Gavin's brain, but for the most part, the place was rather secure. She saw to the muggle repelling and concealment charms, those aside, there wasn't too much to be concerned of. The staff in the Department seemed to have a keen awareness to visitors.
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