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Ooooh this is an interesting thread! I would luff to share.

As of late, when I'm working out in the weight room for my weight training class at school, I like to work out to lots of stuff:

The Beatles - "Please Please Me" "How Do You Do It?" Within You Without You" "This Boy" "Martha My Dear" "I Saw Her Standing There" (and tons more )
Led Zeppelin - "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" "What Is and What Should Never Be" "Hots On for Nowhere" "D'yer Mak'er" "In My Time of Dying" "Bring it On Home" "The Ocean" "We're Gonna Groove" "Misty Mountain Hop"
George Harrison - "Got My Mind Set On You" "My Sweet Lord" "What is Life"
Motley Crue - "Live Wire" "Looks That Kill" "Public Enemy #1" "Come On and Dance" "Red Hot"
Skid Row - "Youth Gone Wild" "The Threat"
The Who - "My Generation" "I Can't Explain" "The Kids Are Alright" "The Seeker"
The Rolling Stones - "Rocks Off" "Under My Thumb" "Miss You" "Time is On My Side" "Heart of Stone"

There's tons more. I love to listen to lots of different things while I work out, but mainly The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
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