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Ezra pushed open the door with a creak even louder than he had expected. A few people he recognized from the conference stood in the decrepit lobby, but he couldn't bring himself to remember any of their names. He had made his way over to the Minister's Office (if you could call the shack and office) as soon as he received his boss's memo. He was surprised to see such a small number of employees gathered there considering the urgency of Mr. Isaacs's demands. Ezra squelched the urge to smile smugly in triumph. Surely he would get some recognition for at least showing up. The desire to smile left him instantly when he thought of why he was here before the work period had even started. Something was residing in an office, but what? He shuddered at the thought of entering a room to find some grotesque creature in his wake. Creatures were not Ezra's strong point. At all.
He looked around at his companions, reluctant to show weakness by asking for directions. Maybe of he just stood here for long enough someone would point him to wherever they were expected to gather. Yes, that was a good idea. He stood up straighter. He would not look like a fool this time. Probably.
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