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It was time to do the rounds, and there was no better place to start than the temporary stronghold for the Minister's Office.... er..... minus its decrepit nature. Charming. It really was no wonder there were objections to the place. How the Minister put up with it - let alone Gavin - was beyond her. Even the Underground was cleaner than this.

Emily peered around the lobby she'd entered, taking in every inch of its floors, walls, dust, rubbish... and... was that a giant cockroach? Meh. She sipped from her take away coffee, another cup and bag of pastries in the other hand. As much as she'd come to secure the place, she also came to offer the Senior Undersecretary some sustenance. She'd already checked the perimeter of the building, and ensured the concealment charms and muggle repellent charms were strong and all encompassing... so things on the outer were in order. More than she could say for in here.

Cue staring.

Now.. which way to his office?
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