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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Was she just going to stand there being silent? He did have a meeting to get to and would have preferred she be silent while walking with him. Productivity would NOT be lost. He did wonder how many of his employees had already arrived and were waiting in that death trap makeshift conference room that they would have to settle with for now. There were some he could have counted on for their punctuality but given the move and the seclusion in which the Department now found itself, it could be excused.

Lavone Calverley. Ooohhhhh. He could almost smack himself in the forehead for not realizing sooner. Of course she had business here and it was no wonder she looked lost. Merlin knew the veterens themselves must have felt lost.

"Ms. Calverley. I'm sorry we have to be meeting under such circumstances. Please, walk with me." He said, gesturing for her to follow before setting off again. As it turned out, she was meant to be a part of the meeting too, the one they would be late for if they didn't get a move on. "Gavin Isaacs. You'll be my Personal Assistant. There's a meeting, I trust you got the owl about it?"
She never ventured a guess of who this person might be, she was too focused on the possibility of this being a joke than anything. But this man seemed to have recognized her name meaning she indeed had gotten the job and wasn't being toyed with after all. That brought huge joy to her but it hardly showed on her straight neutral face.

Gavin Isaacs. The one whose name was at the end of the letter she'd received. Also known as, the Senior undersecretary. The one she was assigned to be his personal assistant. Knowing that she allowed her lips to lift at the corners in a small smile. She was not the grinning type. This was the closer she got to grinning. "Pleasure meeting you, sir." she said. And indeed it looked that the circumstances weren't the greatest.

The second he started walked she did too picking up her pace to keep up with his strides, "Yes, of course, I did receive the owl," she confirmed as she took in the place around her. She was afraid to brush a hand on any wall or piece of furniture. What's this place? She wanted to ask but figured they would eventually come to that in the meeting they were heading to right now.
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