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Originally Posted by the fastest seeker View Post

The more she looked around her, the more she was sure this was a joke. There went her dreams of working for the ministry. She lingered for a little longer making certain to step away from the poorly-looking chairs as to not get caught it splinters and ruin her newly bought coat, she walked back and forth a couple of time then decided to head out and forget about this day.

But then she heard someone approaching. Someone who looked official with a clipboard and documents. Coffee, too. Lavone sized the man up silently and didn't say anything until he spoke. This wasn't really a good day, so far, she wanted to say but didn't.

A minute of silence passed until she decided what to say, "I'm Lavone Calverley, I received a letter to come here to start my job in the ministry as a Personal Assistant," She answered hoping he wasn't going to crack up at the words and tell her this was a haunted building to practice dark magic or something like that.
Was she just going to stand there being silent? He did have a meeting to get to and would have preferred she be silent while walking with him. Productivity would NOT be lost. He did wonder how many of his employees had already arrived and were waiting in that death trap makeshift conference room that they would have to settle with for now. There were some he could have counted on for their punctuality but given the move and the seclusion in which the Department now found itself, it could be excused.

Lavone Calverley. Ooohhhhh. He could almost smack himself in the forehead for not realizing sooner. Of course she had business here and it was no wonder she looked lost. Merlin knew the veterens themselves must have felt lost.

"Ms. Calverley. I'm sorry we have to be meeting under such circumstances. Please, walk with me." He said, gesturing for her to follow before setting off again. As it turned out, she was meant to be a part of the meeting too, the one they would be late for if they didn't get a move on. "Gavin Isaacs. You'll be my Personal Assistant. There's a meeting, I trust you got the owl about it?"
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