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Default The Work Area
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The majority of the floor space within the Department of Mysteries is dedicated to the six chambers of the department. The chambers are situated around a circular work space, where desks are set up for when unspeakables need to do written work. The six chambers are set out as seperate rooms, around this circular space.

The six chambers of the department of Mysteries are;
  • The everlocked room
  • The Death Chamber
  • The Hall of Prophecy
  • The Space Chamber
  • The Time Chamber
  • The Thought Chamber

Whilst you may struggle to gain entrance to the department, most of the chambers are left unlocked. The locked room is the ever-locked room, and you will need ID to get into this room.

SPOILER!!: Description of the Threads

Ever-locked Room

This room is also known as the love chamber. It is situated behind a door that is always locked. The unspeakbles in this chamber study a subject that is considered the most mysterious; the subject of love. In the middle of the room is a large fountain of Amortentia; the most powerful love potion in the world.

The Death Chamber

When entering this room one would think that there are no lights on in this room. The Death chamber is a very dimly lit room, with the central focus being the old stone archway. This archway separates the world of the dead from the world of the living. The unspeakables that work in this room study death.

The Hall of Prophecy

In this room records from every prophecy made are stored. Shelves, upon shelves, upon shelves of prophecies fill this room from left to right. The Prophecies are stored in glass orbs, with magical protection so that only the unspeakables or the subjects of the prophecy can pick the orb up. Anyone else who picks up a prophecy will be inflicted with instant madness.

The Space Chamber

This chamber is the darkest one in the department, with a full working solar system floating in mid-air. The unspeakables that work in this chamber study the subject of space. The subject is branched off into two other subjects; Astronomers who study planets and celestial objects and Evolutionists who study the evolution of the universe.

The Time Chamber

The time chamber is a room that is filled with a sparkly beautiful, dancing light like gems. This is the room where time is studied. The room is filled with many different time related devices, including the small collection of time turners that had since been made after they were all destroyed during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. The unspeakables in this room study time, manipulate time, and manufacture new time related devices.

The Thought Chamber

The thought chamber, which is sometimes known as the brain chamber where the main focus is on the study of the mind. The room is mostly empty apart from the long tanks which are home to the brains which are studied. There are two main subjects studied within this room; conscious thought, and unconscious thought.
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