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Default Transportation Waiting Area [Entrance of Boat House]

Welcome to the Level 6
Waiting Area!

Welcome to the Lot's Ait, an abandoned boat yard on the River Thames where the Department of Magical Transportation is currently conducting business. Whether you need to meet with someone about a Porkey, take exams for your Apparation license, report a broom malfunction or need a Floo connection approved or repaired you are in the right place. Please have a seat, enjoy the magazines and Daily Prophets and someone will be with you shortly.

Be sure to sign the visitor's log! Have a great day!

OCC: Any visitors or even employees please just post in here and someone from the Department will be with you to help shortly. In your post just post entering, signing the visitor's log (in you rpost just do a short little quote or signing in with Name, Department/position in MoM, place of work if applicable, and reason for visit)
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