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Default The Dessert Bar
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The Dessert Bar

Yes, your mother always told you not to spoil your appetite with sweets; but your mother isn't here, is she? The Ministry Food Court employees did well in the other parts of the food court, but it’s easy to see that they spent plenty of time planning and setting up the buffet-style table dedicated to the sweeter things in life...and really, who would deserve dessert more than you after a long shift of obliviating Muggles or sending out press releases to put an end to the most recent Ministry scandal? When you approach the table, you find a stack of plates and bowls at each end, and dishes of delicious-looking desserts lining both sides of the long expanse. Walk, don't rush, because there's plenty of pudding and pies for everyone!

Click the image for an enlarged version of the menu!

Menu made by sarahlooo
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