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Originally Posted by HazelStone101 View Post
Awww! He was so cute when he got excited. "I'm glad that you see and understand my inner genius!" Annalise laughed, an even bigger grin forming when he booped her on the nose. Nose boops were the cutest.

She watched him curiously as he swigged down his butterbeer and began making quick work of the food. "Yeah, let's!" Annalise smiled, moving so she was sitting even closer to him. He was so... Perfect.

For her at least. She hadn't talked to anyone.. or anything as much as she had talked to him in months. She'd mostly stuck to plants..
After a few seconds of silence, (because he just had to have a moment with the precious food), he spoke up, "I'm so glad I ran into you today." He shifted to face her more, "I am so unbelievably happy. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've gone through today and being with you now has made up for all of that."
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