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Originally Posted by Awarlesta Black View Post
Manolo came back to the table, his arms full of goods. He set the drinks down first, "Two butterbeers for the lady and I," and then set two plates of food down after, "And a choice of a Hippogriffburger or Fish and Chips, I'm fine with either so, don't hesitate to pick your choice!" and finally, the last plate, "and a Dementor's Kiss Delight as dessert for the both of us."
Annalise smiled, taking a gulp out of one of the two butterbeers. Ah yes. Perfection. "Ooh! I don't mind either of these. Should we just share? The best of both worlds!" She laughed, setting her cup down.

And a Dementors Kiss Delight.

"Ooh! Chocolate, thank you so much!" Annalise gushed, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink when she realized how loud and bubbly she was being... She wasn't sure how he'd feel, she hadn't shown him the bubblier side of herself; just the quiet and demure version. Might as well get everything out in the open so he could run if he needed to.

"Thanks." She said again, more quiet this time.
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