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Originally Posted by Rosa Chispa Princessa View Post
"I have worked with all sorts of magical creatures in my lifetime. None of them scare me. I know that in most cases no matter what the creature they just want to be loved and respected. And I know there are some exceptions but this little guy certainly ain't one of them. So, what do you think we should do. Try to approach the creature with wands at the ready or subdue the creature first?".
Scare him? Why on earth would a creature scare someone? If the proper precautionary measures were taken and all living creatures treated with respect, Harmony could think of no reason why they should be feared. One just had to be considerate and careful, is all. Knowing what you're dealing with and the proper way to handle it always helped. "Ah yes, I agree. Respect is of extreme importance when working with anything, beast or being."

Subdue the creature? Harmony was confused. "I don't think it's necessary to subdue the creature since these two ladies have already done such a good job capturing it and returning it to our care. It looks secure enough as it is right now."
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