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She tried to straighten her face, though really she was just smothering the giggles that kept bubbling up in side of her. THe idea of her being like dirt has tickled her, for sure. But then his words were so sweet, so perfectly lovely, that the giggles dissipated of their own accord. "I'm sorry I don't have much of a garden for you to work with," she said sincerely, "But you're welcome to do whatever you fancy with the roof terrace. We could fit some window boxes too. With herbs in." Unfortunately, flats in London didn't come with much green space, and although Hermy had excelled in Herbology at school, she hadn't really had time with the studio and gallery and everything else to make much use of the space she did have..

"We could go there over Christmas..." Hermy said, coming out of her thoughts. "Shut the studio for a couple of weeks. You'd have plenty of time to sort it out, I could paint...we could get a bigger tree than we'd ever fit in the flat..."

His eyes were bright, despite his weathered face. They danced with warmth and love, and Hermy bounced a little more as she ran her hands gently round the collar of his shirt and down the front of his chest. "You saying you technically proposed first, all those years ago?" Her eyes shone. "We could make them. Together. I don't need anything big or posh."

And those three words made her all warm and fuzzy inside. "I love you too, Finn."
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