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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Who knew working at the ministry would be so adventurous. Harmony had gotten word of all kinds of strange occurrences going on and she couldn't help but be curious about them. She wanted to explore but first, she wanted to check on how her level was handling things.

The red head left her office and casually strolled over towards the creature holding room, ankle bracelets jingling along as she walked. Best to check on the mutant creature and make sure it didn't try another disappearing act.

Once inside, the department head was pleased to find two of her employees. They weren't alone, either.

"Hello, ladies. Is this the creature from Diagon Alley?"
Jack headed into the creature holding room to check on some of the creatures there. He was surprised when he saw their was a new creature there that looked like some sort of wrinkled up pig. He had heard about the mutant creature in Diagon Alley. Was this it? He took a closer look and noticed two of his female co-worker and. OH MY GOSH, THAT'S THE DEPARTMENT HEAD. THIS MUST BE THE MUTANT CREATURE!!! He approached them, "Good day ladies, is this the mutant creature from Diagon Alley? This creature has a rather extraordinary look, no?", Jack said trying to stay calm and keep professional but this was just too amazing, he felt like his emotions were about to shoot right out his body at any moment.
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