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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
If she’d been asked what she had thought she would have been doing out by the lake, Lily would never have said this. She’d never have thought she’d be discussing falling into the lake with a second year, but then that was what made talking to Abbi interesting. It made her think, a little, but that was okay. She definitely wasn’t bored, and she’d smiled a little more at the giggle snort that had come from the younger girl. Mission accomplished, had she meant her comment to be hilarious. “Not for the person who fell into the lake,” she pointed out wryly, “But definitely. It’d be a story to tell later on.” Stories were always nice. Stories meant memories, and that was why they did anything. She wanted to remember being here. At least, she wanted to remember most of what she’d experienced while being here at Hogwarts. Being in England, honestly. Abbi didn’t need to know about the stuff she wanted to forget. “Do you really think she wears one?,” she continued. She’d heard the rumors about the headmistress, but then she knew people who had red hair like hers that was real. Her mother and sister didn’t wear wigs.

She had nodded as the discussion turned to Hogwarts in general, though. First terms were always interesting, even when they weren’t technically first terms. It wasn’t her fault her first year at magical school had been in California. Abbi was lucky. “I was, or at least I think I was. I didn’t actually do anything magic when I was a baby, but I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t always magic, I guess,” she replied, giving the younger girl another smile. “And yep. He’s a Muggle. He used to be in the military, but he’s retired now.” Explaining why she got to spend a lot of time with her grandfather when she was home, along with her grandmother, who was where she’d heard most of the stories about Hogwarts. It hadn’t been from her parents, anyhow.

Apparently the impromptu duet was continuing, too, as she heard Abbi continue the song lyrics as she’d played. It was nice knowing she could add to her list of people here who knew Coldplay, although she hadn’t heard Alec sing like this. He’d known the songs, so that still counted. “Stuck in reve-er-erse,” she sang, letting their little performance continue. It didn’t matter that there was nobody around. She liked it better knowing there wasn’t anyone else around. That way, she could be less nervous. Abbi wasn’t criticizing her, she was joining in.
True, true. Falling into a lake was never funny, yet neither was being a victim for any prank. That's why you HAD to be the viewer or the pranker themselves, you HAD to and then when you were thats when it got REAL funny and hilarious. "I'd shout at anyone laughing." She'd show them who was boss. MHHHM. She could so do that, dynamite came in small packages did it not? It DID!! "But it be so funny to watch someone else." Even she would laugh if it was someone else, like how could you not? "I think it's possible it is. I mean it always looks perfect." Rumour, maybe? But you actually never knew how much of rumors were truly true.

So nothing special? Abbi remembered her special sign. It was pretty, REAL pretty. It was a glittery sparkle, blooming on her palm but she could make go and come as she pleased, that was when she learned how to control it slightly. "So you had no sign of magic showing at all? I had glittery, pretty things." She was totally not showing off, okay maybe a little. But heh. MILITARY? That made Abbi gasp in shock. "Really? So is he like all BOOM BOOM BOOM." That made sense to her, somehow? But really she meant was he all strong and brave and all boom boom with a weapon you know?

Ohhh. More singing. Would they sing the whole sing? She REALLY wanted to. Mhhm. "And the tears come streaming down your face, when you lose something you can't replace."
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