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Originally Posted by Wisher View Post
Kylie walked in with the creature holding room. She and Laurel had captured one of those mutants. Yay... Wasn't that hard. The mutant had basically done all the work. Almost falling off of the cabinet. Priceless. And then all it took was a simple spell. And pow it was captured. But now it was time to take the little creature back to the holding room.
Boy, was she certainly relieved. Relieved about a few things. One, that they captured the mutant. Two, that Laurel didn't have to do it alone. Three, that the mutant wasn't too hard to capture for her & Kylie. And four, that no one was injured! So that was definitely a lot of positive things that made the blonde very happy today!

She looked at Kylie & then nudged her lightly as she said, "Good job, I definitely don't think that would've been too easy if either of us had done it alone.." Laurel then went on to give her a polite smile followed by a friendly nod.
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