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38. Rictusempra

Her nose deep within her transfiguration texts, Minerva’s reading was interrupted by the sounds of scuffling in the front hall. She sighed and reluctantly got up from her seat to investigate, her mum having left her in charge while both parents were out.

Coming to the source of the sound, the teenager spotted Robert and Malcolm engaged in battle rolling around on the floor. They almost seemed to be tickling each other into submission over something she doubted made any real sense.

“Real mature,” she said with a shake of her head the older McGonagall slipping her wand from her hidden pocket.

Brothers…younger brothers at that. She’d never understand them.

Twin flashes of red sparked towards her brothers, hitting them in the butt and shocking them into breaking apart as Minerva stood watching with her arms folded. Her look a mirror of their mother’s stern reprimand.

Thank goodness she was of age.
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