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Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post

"Exactly." See, he understood. Delilah grinned and turned to look at the flowers for a moment, tucking a strand of hair behind her ears. They really did look so pretty. Colourful and pretty. "Well.. " She smiled, her blue eyes focused on Jeremy again. "I do keep a photo album, yes. Only of the photos I like, though.." And that wasn't a lot. She eyed him curiously for a moment before she continued, "So.. what makes you happy?"

Well... He did have a point. Maybe, she could try giving flowers to a boy sometime? And see how he'd react? That would be kind of hilarious. A little weird, too. It was always the other way round, right? And she has always loved getting flowers.. Ahem. But anyway, she decided that she was going to try this someday. "I like you. I don't mean that in a flirty kind of way but.. you're interesting and different."

"I know!" Delilah frowned a little, too. She really did miss the weather back home. It was warm and lovely.. very humid too but at least, she could see the sun. "We'll get used to it though." At least, she hoped so!

... "You should probably take off your shirt or something. If you're uncomfortable wearing it.. since it's still wet." Obviously. She wouldn't just tell a guy to take off his shirt. That's weird. And, it wasn't like she wanted to see Jeremy without a shirt. Just, no. "I can turn around, if you like?" You know, if HE didn't want her to see him shirtless.
Jeremy gave a little nod of the head. That made sense - only wanting to keep the photos you like in a particular album that is. "Do you have particular things that you like to take pictures of?" Jeremy asked. At least from his small knowledge regarding photography, photographers seemed to pick a niche and that was what they focused on. Maybe since she liked flowers so much, nature was her thing? What made him happy? It was a simple enough question but no one had really ever asked him something like that before. He ran his hand through his hair, letting out a sigh. "Um…well I love breakfast foods and trying new breakfast themed foods," Jeremy said with a modest grin. "But I think I am actually happiest when I am running on nature trails," Jeremy said with a little laugh. "Before we moved here there was this great running path I used to run on early in the morning. It was just nice being out in nature you know?" Jeremy said, figuring since Delilah liked flowers that he would understand him appreciating nature so much.

He raised his eyebrows slightly. Really? She liked him? Of course Jeremy would never assume that she meant it in a romantic interest kind of way. They had just met after all. "Thanks…I…uh…I like you too," Jeremy said with a little smile. "It's nice having someone to talk to." Sure, his mom had been around and his tutor, but it was nice to have someone his own age to talk to. He wasn't sure how to take the interesting and different comment, but he decided to just leave it alone. After all since she said she liked him, he figured it wasn't in a bad way.

Jeremy appreciated her optimism regarding the weather. He was seriously hoping it would get nicer. He looked up from wringing out some of the water in his shirt. Take his shirt off? The thought hadn't really occurred to him. "Um…it's all right," Jeremy said with a little shrug of the shoulders. Really…it wasn't though. He hated wet things clinging to him. "I…uh…it's not because I'm modest about you seeing me without my shirt on or anything." Err…wait that came out wrong. "I mean…it wouldn't really be necessary for you to turn around…it just…" Ugh…dig that hole deeper for yourself there Jer…he let out a sigh. "What I am trying to say is I appreciate the offer to turn around and everything but its all right."
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